Taking Back Control – Depression

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Rev. Minesh and Nash Maistry are the founders of Trinity International Church in Durban, South Africa. These are 2 ordinary people who have endured great hardship & disappointments and have been in ministry for over 20 years. They have helped real people find real solutions to real life problems. They say “No matter how much faith you have in GOD and how much you pray, until you change something about you, nothing changes.Change takes effort, not just prayer. First you need to know what to change, then make the effort to change – you will win your battle.” THIS BOOK TELLS YOU WHAT TO CHANGE.


Minesh Maistry is a TV Minister on Africa’s DSTV. His life changing inspirational sermons are broadcast to over 50 countries.

Life has so many mysteries; so many things that we don’t understand; things that we have no answers for. If we are to get even a glimpse of the unknown, we have to allow our minds to digest everything and then make our decisions about them. We are rational thinking beings by nature- I will show you rationally how this possession works.